About Alphanet

Who we are

  • Highly trusted IT partner
  • Friendly & Knowledgeable team
  • Flexible IT Support contracts
  • Excellent support results & resolution times
  • Trust – Security – Value are at the centre of all we do

Alphanet is a long established and highly trusted IT Support partner, based just on the outskirts of Wokingham, Berkshire. We enjoy working closely with our customers and have built some very long-standing relationships – built on trust, professionalism, and of course- excellent service.

Our customers are small to medium businesses, mainly based in the Thames Valley area, with a broad range of IT requirements, ranging from supporting self-employed professionals; to managing the servers, infrastructure, security, continuity and WAN management for international companies.


Whatever your IT requirement - we can help you develop the right strategy for you.

All our staff are highly trained in all aspects of networking, computers, servers and cloud solutions; and have a fantastic way of breaking through the tech-speak barriers to make understanding the complex world of IT as easy as possible for you.

Every business is unique, with so many different IT options and potential infrastructure choices, it is so important for us, as an IT partner, to understand your business, to enable us to offer an informed solution for you. We listen to our customers, we understand that a client’s IT requirements often change over time, and when they do- we offer sensible advice, along with flexible services and support to match those changes as they arrive and develop. Always providing you with solutions which are secure, cost effective, and most importantly – the right solution for you.

Established 1994

Our Services

We have used Alphanet for 10 years, and are always impressed by their efficiency, and knowledge in this ever changing sector.

Most importantly, I trust their judgement on all IT decisions. Alphanet make us feel that they are part of our company, they are our own IT department, and are always readily available for support and respond promptly.


Alphanet have been taking care of our IT requirements for the last 20 years. Totally professional, discreet and approachable, they always respond immediately whenever we have a problem and have never let us down. All their technicians are knowledgeable, and the service is fairly priced. We would recommend Alphanet wholeheartedly to anyone.


If you have, like me, been a client of Alphanet for more than ten years, it must mean that the Alphanet team can and does deliver, time after time, a readily accessible, cost effective, and cheerfully driven service in designing a decent and appropriate system, keeping an eye on the technology changes, and solving the occasional problems with software and hardware which crop up from time to time.

Alphanet provides an ideal outsourced systems management service I could not do without.


In 2018 we experienced a change in senior personnel which prompted us to take a radical look at our entire business leading us to move offices, merge three business’s whilst maintaining their individual identities, and install new IT systems and equipment. Alphanet were already our partners and provided us with the honest advice (including options to keep the costs down), equipment, installation and software that allowed us to do this. The system has never failed, and the flexibility that they built in at that time (April 2019) has proved to be visionary as we have had no problems working remotely during the lockdown and on the few niggling issues that have happened Alphanet have resolved speedily and professionally.

We look at costs when we perceive that we are not getting the service or value we are paying for; we have never once questioned one of Alphanet’s quotes.


Alphanet has been our IT consultants for over a decade, and have become almost like our in-house tech department. They have been looking after our servers as well as regular IT issues. Alphanet provides excellent IT services and are always available on the phone, regardless of the situation.

As a small company, we are keen to keep our costs down and Alphanet is able to provide services at a reasonable cost. They are friendly, very knowledgeable and have been great in providing excellent suggestions to improve system security and backup. We are pleased and confident in extending our highest recommendation for Alphanet.